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As the disaster resulting from the Japan earthquake has shown,
you may be left without drinkable water after a disaster.
Be Prepared!

Water Purification Tablets
Item 845

50 Tablets
Treats 25 Quarts of Water

Potable AquaŽ tablets are approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Millions of Potable AquaŽ tablets are used annually to purifiy water by the U.S. Military, the Boy
Scouts of America, relief organizations and militaries around the world.

All questionable water should be treated with Potable AquaŽ to inactivate
viruses, then filter the water to remove bacteria and parasites.

Iodine or chlorine will not inactivate dangerous parasites such as Cryptosporidia and Giardia.
You will need a water filter to remove such parasites.

Water filters will not remove viruses because viruses are too small to be trapped by filters.
Use Potable AquaŽ to inactivate virus.

Whether traveling or hiking, preparing a disaster preparedness kit for your home or recovering from a natural or man-made disaster, trust Potable AquaŽ Water Purification Tablets to make water of questionable quality suitable to drink. Registered with the EPA, these iodine-based germicidal tablets have been trusted by militaries, relief organizations and outdoor enthusiasts since 1971.

Potable AquaŽ iodine tablets have the following advantages over chlorine: It is less affected by organic matter than chlorine and chlorine dioxide. Shelf stability is excellent and lasts up to four years in unopened containers. It is also effective over extreme conditions (temperature and pH).

  • Iodine-based compound (no chlorine)
  • Easy to use
  • Uniform dosage per tablet takes the guesswork out of treating contaminated water
  • Two tablets treat one quart of water (50 tablets per bottle)
  • A must for First Aid, survival and disaster preparedness kits
  • Ideal for emergency use at home

Potable Aqua tablets should not be used by persons with allergy to
iodine, persons with active thyroid disease, or pregnant women.

Item 845
Price: $5.95 per bottle.

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